Here's How This Process Works

We'll break this down into each step of the process


Contact Us

Fill out the 'Contact Us' form here to get in touch with us so that we can respond and get acquainted.


We Will Set Up Our Initial Call

After we have made contact with you to set up a call, we will go over all of the details of our partnership and payment details.


Once We Have Agreed To Terms, We Will Begin Launch

Depending on how our terms and agreements go, we will go ahead and proceed to make arrangements and changes as agreed upon in our agreement. Please note that depending on the agreement, we will need some time upkeep before we official launch.


Once Ready, You Just Sit Back & Relax

Once the changes and arrangements have been made and we officially launch. You simply relax and continue on with your life as is and enjoy your monthly passive income. DNA Lifestyle will ensure to keep in contact with you for any updates, but will also strive to keep contact very minimal so that we do not burden you whatsoever.

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